About ATS

Akaicloud Technology Solutions(ATS) is a company engaged in Software development, Automation, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, Blockchain, Cloud Technology, Security, Human Resources, and Technology Education. This company based in Jakarta – Indonesia, has representatives in Silicon Valley, California, USA. ATS actively opens networks throughout the country, trying to be a bridge between Indonesia and America in particular, and other countries in general in advancing future technology. Therefore, ATS is looking for partners to open up business opportunities by marketing superior products throughout the country.

Mision and Vision

ATS’ mission is to help accelerate the adoption of the latest technology for companies so that they are ready to compete with the right innovations. ATS will actively participate in bridging products to be able to compete sophisticatedly in the international world.

Technological innovation

Technological innovation is one of the important things in advancing the Indonesian nation. ATS is ready to help products that have superior innovations to be able to compete with other products in the international market.